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Gladhammar Project, Sweden

  • Located approximately 200km south of Stockholm
  • ~44km approved and pending licences
  • Major cobalt mine in Sweden from 1777 to 1892
  • Reported historic mine grades of 1.25%-2% cobalt in 682t from 1888 to 1891 (end of mine)
  • Berkut hand samples up to 0.25% cobalt; and copper up to 7.8% over 1.9m in historic drill core (GLA005 – from 103.1m)
  • Cobalt present as part of an interpreted zoned iron oxide-copper gold system
    • Mineralisation present as linnaeite, cobaltite, chalcopyrite, pyrite and magnetite
    • Potential for high grade gold mineralisation adjacent to the cobalt workings
  • Limited historical exploration
  • Strong associated 4.5km long magnetic trend
    • Surface magnetics planned for April 2018 to aid in drill targeting
    • Soil geochemistry proposed in the spring and summer